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Aug 4, 2009

King's Corner

Introducing the handsome, intelligent, sexy, and well-grounded King Traveil Mason hailing from California.

I thought ya'll might appreciate a lil' eye candy this morning, but you know you can't just indulge in your sweet tooth without a little "chuuch." Traveil opens up about what he likes about natural haired beauties. Sure to quench your thirst with his wisdom as well as his looks, he breaks it down and preaches nothing but the truth. Ain't nothing like hearing it from our own right? So not only is this young man accomplished, and well spoken; but he has an affection for black women that is deeply rooted in his upbringing, read on:

Traveil Mason is a rising coach, consultant and trainer in the areas of Human Resources and Recruiting. He has cut recruiting costs by eliminating the use of multiple outside agencies, lowered turn-over rates by implementing various employee retention strategies. He has help to increase overall productivity by hiring top talented and keeping them.

Beginning his career in human resources at BCBG Max Azria one of today’s most popular fashion labels world wide. He gained experience in a wide and diverse area of the HR field. In a position that proved to be the liaison between Corporate Recruiting/HR, Retail Recruiting/HR, and payroll. Traveil has a working knowledge of each individual department and also knows how to make them work together cohesively.

Venturing out in more unfamiliar territory with a pioneering spirit, Traveil is currently conquering the medical industry through his work in human resources. He is currently heading up the recruiting department for the nations largest Ambulatory Surgery Center/Anesthesia service center. With multiple offices locally and internationally he is responsible for ethical and legal hiring practices for them all. Well versed in the business laws of varies states and the international labor laws he has been able to secure top talent for the company and avoid costly mishaps. Implementing a strong infrastructure and timely systems has made the recruiting department an asset to the company.

Traveil is also working in partnership with Elevate Your Game; a non-profit organization that focus on African American and Latino youth to work on a issue and vision close to his heart; Pro-Club. Pro-Club is a job preparedness program that teaches young inner-city youth the art of resume writing, interviewing and proper business etiquette. Armed with a degree in Speech Communications and Human Resource Management certifications from Cal State Dominguez Hills, Traveil is committed to giving back to the community.

First off I love hair, I have a slight hair fetish. Long, Short, Braids, Dreds, Fade, Pressed whatever Black women has so many variations of hairstyles. I grew up in a family who have all types and grades of hair I was never taught or told anyone has "good hair" or "nappy" hair. My greatgrandmother is in her 80's and is rocking her curly white fro. My grandma has the halle berry and her sister (my great aunt) has sister locs. My mom has rocked everything from the fade to twisties.

I celebrate natural hair there is nothing sexier than curly hair pulled back into a ponytail to me. It's a turn on for me or curly dreds, thats sexy also. I think how women style their hair can add or take away from their sex appeal. Then there are some women who can do it all like Erykah Badu.

Beauty is something that comes from the inner spirit of a woman, you can press your hair, dye it, perm it, braid it or loc it but if your inner woman isn't right it will show on the outside and no amount of gel, lipstick or make up will be able to hide that. I grew up in church and heard the older women say "your hair is your glory" quoting scripture. I believe that you can tell a lot about a woman based on her haircare and personal upkeep. What she does with anything is what she does with everything. If she keeps herself up, chances she keeps her life and priorities in order..

I am a carol's daughter addict I use Hair Milk for my own hair, the key to great hair is having it well conditioned I think. My mother got me into you she would order it from NYC.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Anonymous said...

Yes Lawd!!! Thank u Queen for the eye candiiii!!! He is indeed an intelligent and well spoken brotha who knows how to share his thoughts and feelings effectively.

ashley said...

That was an awesome read before I started my day! I think I might go natural! Thanks yall!

Kicukalah said...

I didn't get this early this morning, but gud gracious do I enjoy the afternoon pick-me-up!

It makes me proud to read about such a striking, intelligent, black king.

Writing Addict said...

Ya'll so fast! *rolls eyes* LOL naw...I know he is a fine piece of specimen, and the fact that he is so well spoken makes it better!

Laquita said...

Great post ;o)