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Jul 19, 2009


This is how I felt after my beautiful daughter and I came home from WalMart she was totally oblivious to how people were treating her because of her thick afro pulled back by a headband. I was amazed at how people were looking, and treating and white. You know this is Las Vegas, the land of no culture. So I had to write this poem...

We were in Walmart....she was all smiles because she loved mommy's wide rimmed electric blue shades that took up her whole face. She beamed with pride because she loved the way mommy did her hair this morning.

I placed her carefully into the seat in the basket and we took off like speed demons....
Selecting this, and that.
"Please mommy? I really want the twinkies"
I placed them in the basket because she wasn't the only one who really wanted the twinkies.
We laughed, alot.

Then it started....
The looks, mostly at the top of her head.
The smiles, mostly sympathetic smiles.
I in turn gave them looks of, "We don't need your damn sympathy thank you."

The more they stared...
The more I lauded her with compliments, coos, and cuddles.

She began smiling again, giggling, happy as can be.
She unaware of the jeers, the snickers...the open wonderment.

I on the other hand did all of the eye rolling, up-and-down looking for her.
I patted the top of it; made sure it was in tact.
When all of the interracial couples looked at her and at me, with bewilderment; then thankfully at their little girls straight, curly cues....they pitied me.

But I them.
I pittied the black men that looked at me as if I had committed some kind of sin, or unexcusable act.

All because we are natural. In a place where natural is not natural.
In a place that you immediately fix what is supposedly wrong, and it starts with the hair.

All because I refuse to cover up, slather, smooth out, or relax the constant reminder of their heritage. Their own mother, sister, aunties with hair just like ours.

Unapologetic we walked with integrity, and grace.
We whisked down ailes with a sense of entitlement.
Beaming with self-esteem, and African pride.

Because we make no apologies for being who we are..
I, a Queen
She, a Princess...
on her way, to Queendom.

Now were both smiling...
and we will remain doing so.
In Walmart, and in life.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Kinky Rhonnie said...

Love it.

Keep doing you.

She is a beautiful girl.

She is definitely on the road to queendom with a powerful mother as you.

Blessings to you both.

~Kinky Rhonnie

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you and your beautiful Daughter had to go through that. You think that people by now would know what natural hair looks like.I live in Northern California in a mostly Asian city and nobody seem to think it's ugly but the few black people I see.I wear my hair in twist or an afro. When I wear my afro is when I get the "look". Nobody in my family is natural. I haven't seen a natural sista since last year.I love the poem and your blog.

Writing Addict said...

Thank you sisters it just confirmed for me yet again just how bad we need blogs like these to keep uplifting us, keeping us on the path. I hate the way society has made our "own" people feel about our true selves....

Thank God for clarity & self peace

msfullroller said...

***Shaking my head at the ignorance*** Girl please keep doin' whatcha doin'. Your daughter will be just fine with such a positive roll model as you.

Melinda said...

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER AND SHE REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL. I am in a constand state of wonderment at the ignorance of people and even more so at the ignorance of OUR OWN PEOPLE!!!! As I have stated many times and on MANY different occasions & in different forums, the most negative attention that I have received has been from my own people. How unforfunate. PLEASE CONTINUE BEING THE ENCOURAGEMENT THAT U R, FOR HER, YOU AND US. THANK YOU.

B said...

What an angel!!! She looks JUST like you. And that baby fro....just darling. Your piece was beautiful, sis. Although the circumstances that prompted you to write it were not. If anything you have inspired many of us to keep our babies natural and teach them how to LOVE their natural haair.

Loretta said...

....She is darling! I love her hair ..natural healthy and beautiful..

As mothers we are the ones who set the standard for our children,our daughters need to see us embrace so many ways.
Thank you. You are on point...the more stares,the more the compliments,encouragement.

Writing Addict said...

Thank you sisters I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I really love you all!