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Jul 22, 2009

Readers Email Answered


Hello, my name is **** and I saw your blog on blogger and love it. I was browsing through other people's blogs in search for information that will help me, and since you offer to assist others, I thought why not shoot you an e-mail.

I just started my locing process 3 days ago, and to be honest, I have no idea how to maintain them. I have very fine borderline curly hair and I used Organic lock and gel. However, at least 5 of them has already unraveled. Thus I have no idea what product to use in order to keep them firmly locked, also my hair is considered as baby locs right now and when I wake up in the morning I have a few locs just sticking out all over the place. I don't know, I'm willing to commit myself to this new hairstyle, but I didn't educate myself enough of how to manage them throughout the initial stages. With that said... can you provide me some information of how to maintain them please lol? I'm in desperate need for help

Thank you

New 2 Locing

Hi New 2 Locing,

Thank you for your kind words Queen! No worries lets get right to it. Many of your concerns have been addressed here at OTRTQ, and if you click on the "How To" link you can find many remedies to questions you may have. However, I will address your concerns below:

You described your hair as borderline curly. What you have is what I like to call, "baby doll hair!" LOL take no offense please, its too cute. Okay moving along, usually I like for my readers with questions to send me a pic of their hair, but I think I know what type it is, you must have 3b-4a. Therefore, can use a lighter product. But if you want, use a heavier pomade to lock your hair. Once the hair is loc'd you will be able to go back to the lighter products like, organic loc and gel. 100% Shea butter & Ampro protein gel mixed together will work great. This will aide in the locing process, but will not be as sticky and gross as beeswax.

Also, it is imperative that at night you wear a silk scarf to hold the baby locs in place; or my old tried and true method...some cut off thin stockings to allow the scalp to breathe at night. Please wear this as well when you are lounging in your own place. When my locs were babies I wore all kinds of cute scarfs, and Rasta hats. This helped train my babies, keep them in place, and prevent dust, dirt, and lint.

Remember your hair will itch, but to help with this all you have to do is get some cotton balls and Sea breeze to cleanse the scalp. For more in depth info on how to loc go here!

Also, I went to your blog, it is so nice and esthetically pleasing to the eye. I have been through what you are experiencing now at work, loc envy. Just relax, remember when other races are exposed to sisters who haven't been wearing their hair natural before; they get confused, and wonder aloud (although, this is rude). Don't leave out our own sisters, they do the same thing. So what is needed from you right now, at this very moment is CONFIDENCE. You are not there to put them at ease, or make them accept you. You are you period. You are in your God given natural state and you make no apologies, nor must you try to make them feel comfortable about your decision to be "yourself."

Remember, no one is going to accept you if you don't accept you. You have not changed, you are not your hair, you have simply become comfortable in your own beautiful skin. You are on the road to Queendom (you like my shameless plug?lol), and to be a Queen you must act regal, hold your head up, look fierce, be confident, love yourself and ROCK those LOCS!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


T'arr.a said...

Thank you for your reply. I feel so much confident now. Once again thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

Writing Addict said...

Anytime Queen, anytime!

Writing Addict