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Jul 28, 2009

Fulani Earrings

I opened the mailbox and received my big surprise, my Fulani earrings that I ordered! I ordered them from Tribal Baazar, and they are beautiful. Really, the above picture doesn't do them justice.

These traditional West African earrings are created by Fulani craftsmen in Mali. One of the largest groups of nomadic herders in Africa, the Fulani customarily wore their wealth in the form of gold jewelry that they could carry with them at all times. Based on a design that has been worn for centuries. It wasn't uncommon to see women wearing these type of earrings with red rope around the post of the earrings to try and help alleviate the heaviness of pure gold fulani earrings. The women would typically get these earrings as a present on their wedding day, or on another special occassion. I have always admired them, as they are rich in culture and tradition! The above earrings are very lightweight, oh and XL. I love big earrings!

Wanna pair? They come in different sizes here....

Tribal Bazaar

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

Karuni said...

Nice !

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