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Jul 16, 2009

Are you Serious?

Fabulous Loc Blogger, and Beauty Queen Karen of Naturally Beautiful Hair recently brought to our attention the tasteless and tacky commercial from Garnier, Fructis. Garnier is famous for depicting their models with "messed up, frizzy, unruly hair" then after they use their Fructis products the model has great, beautiful hair. Well this time, the model has an afro. I don't know about ya'll but I used to wear a big huge afro. To me, it just looks like they are talking about women of color, mainly African-American women with highly textured hair. I don't like this commercial one bit!

Karen was right, we need to send a letter to them! This is unacceptable, and so the more women who speak up and let them know we are not going to accept "low blows" about our hair, and beauty the more they will have to be held responsible for their actions!

So below, I sent them the following email. My hope is that you Queens will take the time out and follow suit! Go here and let them know how irresponsible it was to put out a marketing campaign like that!!!

Dear Garnier:

I am very disheartened at your latest commercial where you have a model depicted with a highly textured Afro as the unruly and unwanted hair. Then after using your products she supposedly has straight long hair. As an African-American woman and natural hair care blogger, I am highly offended by this commercial. My job as a natural hair care blogger is that of uplifting, and encouraging women of color who has the same texture that your model donned prior to her using Garnier Fructis.

I have had this very look at times when my hair was styled in an afro. It is companies like yours who decide to depict our hair as unruly and "bad" that we have to constantly fight for respect in the representation of our beauty in the media.

What you have done is reckless and disrespectful. It is also poor judgment and tasteless. I just want you to know that you have lost one customer; not only a customer but one voice in the natural hair care market. As a product reviewer, I will indeed share this information with my readers.

I truly hope you rethink this marketing campaign, and not only pull this irresponsible commercial but offer a statement of apology as well.

*The above photo is a version of what the commercial is like, not the actual commercial*

Thank you Karen! I appreciate the way you look out for us loc'd ladies!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Naturigurl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naturigurl said...

I wouldn't and dont use their products anyway. They are filled with Parabens, cones and cancer causing chemicals in them. This was a low blow, if they are going to use frizzy and unruly hair they should have the model frizz up her own hair not an afro that doesnt even begin to represent her. This really makes me want to buy their products now. PAtheti

Karen said...

Thank you for spreading the word sis... Hopefully Garnier will think twice about how they market their product.