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Jun 29, 2009

Readers Emails

The above beauty that you are seeing is none other than our very own Kicukalah! She has been on board with On the Road to Queendom from the very beginning. Kicukalah is also very involved with the postings here, always commenting, which I adore. So its no surprise that Kicukalah was the very 1st and only entry in this weeks' giveaway that will end tonight. However, since her entry there are 2 others, good luck ladies! Anyway, our Queen went out and bought her very own, GAP red t-shirt to support a good cause, while raising awareness about HIV/AIDS! I love this, oh my gosh, Kicukalah you are the epitome of a Queen. She had this to say:

Let me first tell you that I love games, giveaways, challenges, and things of the sort. So when I initially started the requirements of your lastest giveaway, it was only the competitor in me rising to the challenge. But along the way, I learned something. Seriously, you have open my eyes to the fact that I can help change the world I live in and at the same time gain knowledge in which empowers me. I know for a fact that I am indeed on the road to Queendom. I really do appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. The way you write, the women you uplift, and the love you exude, and the spirit of a true queen that you let us all see.
Blessings Upon You --

PS> The T-shirt reads:
We are empowered and inspi(red) to make this a world that is desi(red) by the next generation and admi(red) right now.

No Kicukalah, bless you! I love ya for being such an inspiration to me, and other Queens. And, girl you wearing that shirt! You are an absolute doll.

Peace & Blessings,

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