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Jun 19, 2009

Reader's Email Answered

Dear Writing Addict,

Do you latch or twist your new growth?? I am having a little problem locking b/c I keep wanting to wash my hair, like today. I was suppose to have my hair retwisted on Wednesday but the girl did not call me back(that's what ya get for tryna get the "hook up), anyway I tried to twist it myself and used tooo much Jamacia mango and lime and now my hair is all sticky and icky. Today is my workout day and I know that I am gonna wanna wash my hair after I workout, again, this is the problem that I am having, HELP!!!


I retwist my newgrowth, always have; I dunno about the whole latching process, sounds too darned complicated if you ask me. Anyways I suggest that after your workout you wash your hair, spray some leave in conditioner on it and prepare to twist.

Gather your necessary supplies:

1. Water spray bottle
2. Rat tailed comb
3. Clips
You can purchase these clips at Sally's Beauty Supply, or any beauty supply you have access to. Make sure to purchase about 3 boxes, to ensure you have enough for your head.

I suggest using the clips for people who are sporting twists, or baby locs that aren't yet palm rolling their hair.

Next, I assume your hair has parts in it? If not take the rat tailed comb and section your hair into small boxes or the desired thickness you want your twists. Only get a small amount of the product (mango & lime) on your fingertips (not alot) and place on each section to be twisted as you go. Do not rub the product throughout your hair. If you rub the product throughout your hair you are risking product buildup what you have now. You see the hair starts to dry out in the twisting process, therefore you put more product in your hair. So to prevent from doing this? You just use a spray bottle and only put on each section you are twisting at the time. I do hope I am being clear.

You can use the end of the end of the comb, not the tail part but the very end of the comb

You might think your hair will get tangled but if you are careful it will not.

Start twisting the comb at the scalp or top of the twist and pull downward. Twist the hair in the comb until the end of the twist.

I hope this answers your questions Queen, if not feel free to contact me again!

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