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Jun 8, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week

The beautiful and highly intelligent Proactiff! After obtaining a Teaching Certification in Social Science in the State of Florida for secondary grades 6 through 12, she took some much needed time off to become a stay-at-home-wife-and-mother; to nurture and care for her three children. During this time, she founded and presided over a local chapter of a national organization for Stay-at-home-mothers of color, edited a newsletter for the organization and freelanced for a local charter school's newsletter, as well as churning out some ghostwriting for several online publications.

She eventually went back into the public school system to teach
seventh grade, further cultivating and polishing our youth.
"I will always be grateful for the opportunity of having had a positive impact on my community and I appreciate the commitment of the entire learning process; however, I do not regret giving up the profession with the hope of embarking on my true life’s work."

Aren't we loving Proactiff's cute and versatile styles! She is doing her thing!


Pro said...

*I'd to thank the academy for this wonderful...* LOL Seriously, sis', what you are doing is leaving a lasting impression for the world to witness. I am truly blessed to have become acquainted with you! You keep me motivated and inspired to be a bright example for those I come in contact with. You keep me (I think we both do) in stitches over in the Cyber world. Thank you for bestowing this recognition on me. If you'd like another loc'd beauty, by all means I have TWO rising loc'd beauties I'm raising to appreciate what they've been crowned with!

Peace and blessings,
Proactiff (Tiffany)

Writing Addict said...

No, thank you sis for being that shining example within our community. For showing other sisters that beauty is on the inside and it resonates and shines naturally beautiful on the outside. I feel blessed to know you! Girl gone rock that crown because you wear it well!

Sincere said...