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Jun 18, 2009

Feeling Playful?

Its the summer, and for me its when I really express my creativity! I love playing around with my hair. For instance, I like to add a splash of color every once and a while. How do I do it without putting chemicals in? I use yarn! Colorful, and playful yarn!

Believe it or not, it is time consuming trying to wrap a loc with the yarn. You should start at the very top of the loc near the scalp and continue winding tightly around the loc until the end of the loc. Cut the yarn and tuck to hide the end.

You know I live on Etsy...its the most creative place where you can find one of a kind items. With that they also have hand spun yarn! This yarn is fabulous if you are a crocheter or if you want to wrap your locs with some of it to add a splash of color! Can't you just see these colors paired with a cute summer dress? Like muah?

I only wrapped 1 loc, the longest one in the back of my head. But to each her own. Its cute nonetheless.

Buy the yarn here:

Spazzy on Etsy

Or, you can pick some up at your favorite fabric and yarn outlet!


Kicukalah said...

Never thought about yarn. However my locs a so small that I won't even attempt to wrap yarn around them. Not even one, But I was thinking maybe I could kinda of cornrow some yarn in with my locs. Whatcha think? Wanna see a pic if I attempt this?

Writing Addict said...

Yes Kicukalah,

I think that would be really cute. Please take a pic and let us see!

Enchantress said...

I've never thought about using yarn...very pretty and UNIQUE!