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Jun 22, 2009

Fashion Against Aids!

I love shopping with purpose and you know this! That's why in the spirit of National HIV Testing day June 27th 2009, I set off to find fashion educating all to wrap it up, and get tested! I came up with some unique finds:


H&M teamed up with various designers to come up with fashionable t-shirts to educate the public about wrapping it up & having safe sex. The sexy Estelle is featured this time around.

GAP Product Red

They have about 5 different t-shirts to choose from, they're all abstract and don't really say much. However, the proceeds go to the Global Fund project. One area I work closely with to make change right here in my town of Las Vegas, NV to make changes. Go here to shop.

Awesome website educating African-American Women about HIV/AIDS!

African-American Women's Network

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