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May 20, 2009

You Need to Know....

Lisa Nichols!

Lisa Nichols is a dynamic international motivational speaker and powerful advocate of personal empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC which is recognized by many as the most comprehensive empowerment skills program available today for teen self-development. As of July 2006, her company has impacted the lives of over
60,000 teens, prevented over 1,750 suicides, reunited thousands of teens with their parents, and influenced more than 975 teen drop outs to return to school.

Lisa Nichols is a proven Entrepreneur and since starting her company in her living room in May of 2000, she has taken it international while doing more than two million dollars in business along the way.

Despite being labeled "one of the worst writers" by her English teacher, she's landed three major book publishing deals with the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She's appeared as an expert Life Coach on NBCs hit show, “Starting Over” as well as one of the 27 leading teachers featured on the international hit DVD, "The Secret."

Her highly sought after no-holds-barred messages are delivered with powerful intensity as she connects through her candid conversational style with employees of major corporations, members of empowerment groups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, educators, teens, and anyone who has the pleasure to attend one of her many standing room only presentations.

This natural hair diva is comfortable in her own skin, and makes no apologies for who she is or where she's been. This is a woman you need to know. A dynamic and spectacular woman of color. If you are on a journey, and need a little help. If you feel as if you are lost, and just need a pick me up to get back on your way. Pick up one of her books, you won't be sorry!

1 comment:

Laquita said...

Great post - I love Lisa Nichols her inspirations are also featured in The Secret :o)