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May 1, 2009

Readers' Emails Answered

Hey ya'll you when I receive some interesting email from a reader I am going to share because more Queens may have a need to know!

Dear Writing Addict, Thank you for On the Road to Queendom I am newly loc'd and really enjoy seeing other queen's journey toward hair freedom. I just want to say your blog is a source of inspiration! With that being said, I have a question about dandruff and locs. I seem to have the worst case of dandruff and itching in between washes and retwisting; how can I prevent this from happeing? I try and oil my scalp so I really don't understand the problem. Thanks, "Name Withheld out of Respect"

Dear Name Withheld,

Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it! I love it when I get feedback and regular conversation from my readers! I also want to say congratulations on becoming newly loc'd. Its actually funny how from having your hair loc'd up will give you a new sense of freedom! Now on to your question...

When I first started wearing twists I too experienced flaking and terrible itching of the scalp. At that time my loctician informed me that this was due to my scalp actually not being used to being natural! I know you are giving me the "side eye" right now but its true...think about it. Before you probably experienced flaking of the scalp, and if you are anything like me you would sit down in between somebody's legs or on your own and "scratch the scalp" with a comb. Actually you don't need to further irritate your scalp with a tool. What you want to do is gently lift what is there by shampooing, massaging the scalp, and giving your scalp what it desperately needs moisture. By scratching and "digging" in your scalp you are just leaving exposed area which is prong to infection. No, just receive regular shampooing....and oiling of the scalp after your hair has been retwisted. This early in the stage conditioner should not be used because you want the hair to loc. After it has been loc'd then you can begin to condition. Also, after about a couple of months your scalp will slow down the production of excess oil, and get used to not having chemicals in it.

A lot of times we think our scalp is flaking, but in all actuality its chemicals or product that is built up on our scalp and when your scalp is clogged, or perspires it becomes itchy and inflamed.

So don't worry, this will soon dissapate and your scalp will get back to normal. Just keep going to get shampooed, retwisted, dried, and oiled. Your scalp will calm down and thank you!

Peace & Blessings,
Writing Addict

"Happy Locing!"

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