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May 13, 2009

Lil Loc'd Cutie of the Week!

Meet 10 year old Ayana Star of the phenomenal website, This beauty teaches other girls to be global leaders who believe in themselves and their dreams to achieve success.

From now on I am going to feature a Lil Loc'd Beauty of the week as well as the Loc'd beauty of the Week. It is important to highlight our young ladies who has someone uplifting and upholding natural beauty for them. If more young ladies were taught to love themselves at an early age maybe you would never have seen the ignorance on the Tyra Banks show yesterday. Young ladies need to be told how beautiful they are and how they are made in God's image, and how God don't make no junk, nor mistakes in order to make good and informed decisions!

Artwork courtesy of Tonya Engel

Honesty time, at one point I was TERRIFIED of having a daughter! I recently had a little girl two years ago. She is indeed the spice of life for her father and myself. What I find so comical is how she clearly emulates every last thing I do. She constantly tells me how beautiful I am. I laud her with so many compliments and positive affirmations, that she probably gets sick of hearing it. That's just it. If we have young daughters it is our responsibility to keep her from growing up and feeling the need to do what you see in the above painting. If it is taught in the home early on...they will carry it with them early in adulthood.


Enchantress said...

What a cutie!!! I like the idea of you featuring a "lil loc'd cutie of the week".

I have a 4 y/o son, and like your daughter he does not hesitate to tell me how beautiful I look or how much he loves my hair. I think he will grow up to be a man who appreciates black hair. I think more boys should be exposed to natural black mothers, sisters, etc. It would help young girls and women get over the "I'm beautiful when my hair is straightened" mentality.

Writing Addict said...

See again this points back to the parents being responsible in the home.