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Apr 18, 2009

Results of ACV Rinse

So I did the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and I see amazing results. Although, you can't tell from the above photo (my dear hubby is not a photog). Anyway, what resulted was shiny, lightweight, lint free, and squeaky clean locs. Seriously, I thought my locs were destined to be hard, and scratchy, totally not a joy to nuzzle up against. Hmph, honey these locs long for my hubby to run his hands through them ;)

I placed a large bowl in the kitchen sink and had DH to pour half the bottle over my head with my locs inside the bowl. Then with the excess ACV I poured it back over my head. Usually you're supposed to pile your locs on the top of your head and don a cap. However, there was no way this hair was going in any bag. Oh well, anyway I had to endure hanging my head over the sink for about 6 mins., I piled the hair inside of a Walmart bag, and towel, and attempted to walk around for about another 20 minutes.

The apple cider vinegar stinks! Oh my, the smell is quite overpowering. It took at least five rinses to get it to rinse clear. Still, I had a faint smell. But, today they have no smell, and I am rocking these locs!


Enchantress said...

I LOVE ACV rinses...I'm about due for one now. Glad you got great results!!!

Writing Addict said...

Thanks girl, I ought to be ashamed from not doing it in like years (so embarrassing!)

Thandi said...

Ok, you'vbe convinced me again...NBext time I wash, I'll do it.

msfullroller said...

I just did an ACV wash/rinse yesterday. Love'em!