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Apr 20, 2009

Preserve your Sexy!

It is no secret that our skin has great elasticity and does not age as quickly as other races. That is one luxury we have as people of color. One way to ensure you will have that baby, butter soft skin for years to come is to utilize organic Shea butter in your skincare regime.

You want to make sure you are using organic Shea butter. Pure unadulterated Shea butter from ethnic and African markets. This Shea butter contains no extra fillers, parabens, or toxic chemicals. It comes white and creamy. However, I have had some Shea butter which was quite firm. Due to the recent popularity of Shea butter here in the West mainstream cosmetic companies are selling all sort of products with Shea butter in it. But unless it states its 100% organic and pure, it is not the full entire strength.

To even uneven skin tone:

You can enlist two very simple ingredients. One which may be in your pantry already, olive oil and organic Shea butter. Whip up a batch of extra virgin olive oil with a large chunk of organic Shea butter melted into it. Use this all over your skin everyday (twice if you want to) and it will gradually even your skin.

1 comment:

Ms.Alexis said...

Thank you for this post.. I use shea butter but apparently it wasn't organic... The tip for uneven skin at the end is also very helpful.. Have you tried this method (olive oil & shea butter)? Did you melt the shea butter before mixing it or did you manually mix the two?