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Apr 20, 2009

Giveaway Results!

Congratulations goes out to,


She is this winner of the Tomoka's Twists hair tie giveaway. As the owner and operator of Tomoka's Twists wrote last night in the comments, she is going to give away both beautiful hair twists to the winner since there was maximum participation!

Evangpate, please email me your information, and shipping address to claim your prize. I want to thank everyone again for their participation, visiting, and being an active member of On the Road to Queendom!

*Selection based on a random drawing*


Laquita said...

Congrats :o)

Writing Addict said...

Laquita thank you for being such a great reader! I appreciate you!

Laquita said...

Glad I came across your blog - well actually it was through Carmen's blog :o) I forgot to mention your site/link is mentioned in today's hair post on -

Writing Addict said...

Oh my Laquita! That is so cool! I really appreciate the shout out.

CarmenNC said...

Congrat!!! Come on and claim your prize!!!

evangpate said...

Oh My God!! I was visiting your blog this morning and saw my name as the winner!! Thank you so much ... by sisterlocks were officially born on Mon., 4/20/09 at 9:30 p.m. What a great gift to receive after the "birth of my babies". I will be starting my blog soon to capture each stage as they mature into adults.

Thanks again Writing Addict and Carmen.


Writing Addict said...

You're welcome girl! Now don't forget to send me a pic of you sporting your new "babies" and headpiece!

Happy Locing!