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Mar 16, 2010

Loc'd Beauty of the Week

The naturally beautiful Karen.


This loc'd diva runs the successful, visually stunning, and highly informative blog, Naturally Beautiful Hair.

When asked about her hair and what she does for a living this is what she says:
" I am an artist, business woman, wife and full time Mom. I have been a creative person all my life. I often joke that I am a creative soul, stuck in a corporate world. I have a website and blog called Naturally Beautiful Hair. The websites for me have been heaven sent and a huge creative outlook. Not only am I am able to be creative, but I can share in the joy of being naturally beautiful with others. I have been growing my locks for almost 7 years. I gave up the life I had before where long straight hair was an obsession. I saw how unhappy I was when I was untrue to myself. So I finally made the choice to just stop. After a while all the “extra” stuff seemed like nonsense. I did not need the perms, chemicals or fake hair to be beautiful. And that’s how my love for natural hair began. From that point on, I make it a priority to learn from others and to share my own love and joy of natural hair."

Well, I can sure appreciate all of that can you? I know how effective Karen's blog is, and you should visit to find out too. She is doing wonderful things for the natural hair community. She embodies the spirit, and true beauty of a Queen!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!



Very' nice Karen, get ur shine on!

Laquita said...

Wow - beautiful locs :o)